Utah’s Brandon Beckham Was Right: HB 116 Backers ARE “Traitors”
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Belatedly: I was very sorry to see that Utah GOP state delegate Brandon Beckham apologized for calling backers of Utah’s HB 116 undocumented-Democrat-enabling legislation “traitors”. (Republican delegate Brandon Beckham apologizes for calling lawmakers ‘traitors’ on illegal immigration issue, by Dennis Romboy and Lisa Riley Roche, Deseret News, July 22, 2011.)

VDARE.com’s position is that “traitor” is the logical riposte to the “racist” slur that has paralyzed the immigration debate for nearly fifty years. Like all new concepts, this is greeted with shock and horror, especially by the stupid and unimaginative and those whose agenda it exposes. But it is entirely legitimate, and the pioneers who use it first must ignore the inevitable arrows in their backs.

Moreover, HB 116 is particularly extraordinary: it in effect amnesties illegals in Utah and establishes a guest worker program in the state. It obviously conflicts with federal law, unlike Arizona’s SB 1070, which sought merely to enforce it. Yet the Obama Administration has sued Arizona, and done nothing about Utah, blatently because it wants to continue electing a new people. How much more treasonous can you get?

Beckham is a politician, not a polemcist, and he may well have had good reason to backtrack in the peculiar political culture of Utah. He should have stood his ground. But I salute him anyway.[Commiserate with him.]

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