USA TODAY Has Doxxed 4500 Members of Trump Golf Clubs, But Won't Mention if B-Ll Cl-Nt-n Is One of Them
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From USA Today:

Trump gets millions from golf members. CEOs and lobbyists get access to president

Brad Heath, Fredreka Schouten, Steve Reilly, Nick Penzenstadler and Aamer Madhani, USA TODAY Published 6:03 a.m. ET Sept. 6, 2017

A USA TODAY investigation found that dozens of lobbyists and government contractors are among the members of President Trump’s private golf clubs. USA TODAY

… Because membership lists at Trump’s clubs are secret, the public has until now been unable to assess the conflicts they could create. USA TODAY found the names of 4,500 members by reviewing social media and a public website golfers use to track their handicaps, then researched and contacted hundreds to determine whether they had business with the government.

From a human interest / celebrity / world-historical standpoint, of course, the single most interesting question about a membership in Trump’s golf clubs is whether former President and husband of the 2016 failed candidate Bill Clinton is still one.

Retired NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason tweeted out a picture of President Clinton’s locker at Trump National Westchester on June 28, 2016:



But the national media was about 99% utterly uninterested in this story during the campaign, perhaps seeing it as an unwarranted invasion of the sacred privacy of the Clintons and the Trumps. Or something.

Update: I got this tweet back from one of the USA Today reporters on the story:

Screenshot 2017-09-06 13.49.17

USA Today’s logic seems to be that the story is about 4,500 Trump golf club members potentially bribing Trump by paying to belong to one of his golf clubs, while Bill Clinton’s free membership in a Trump golf club is totally different: it’s Trump bribing Clinton, so that’s not news.

The reporter follows up:

Screenshot 2017-09-06 13.57.34

In other words, Bill Clinton has temporarily made himself scarce around Trump National-Westchester, but has refused to give up his membership and still has a locker there, as Boomer Esiason’s photo shows.

Commenter Alec Leamas (hard at work) points out:

Are we pretending that people wouldn’t be paying members of a club to get access to B___ C_____ while his wife was the United States Secretary of State and putative inevitable next President of the United States? Like, you know, for a much longer time up to and including Tuesday, November 8, 2016? Would it be interesting to know which members made contributions to H> as opposed to the actual, Non-Female President?

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