Why Is Bill Clinton Still a Member of Trump National Golf Club-Westchester?
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A year ago, when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President by pointing out that the Mexican government wasn’t sending us their best citizens as illegal immigrants and in response everybody respectable ostentatiously broke their contracts with Trump, I blogged:

Why Hasn’t Bill Clinton Resigned from Trump National Golf Club – Westchester?


With the whole world rushing to issue press releases announcing they have cut all ties with Donald Trump for mentioning the I-word, I’m struck by the dog that hasn’t barked: Bill Clinton, who has long been said to be a member of the Trump National Golf Club – Westchester.

Ever since, I’ve brought up periodically just how weird it is that the Democratic candidate’s husband is still a member of the club that the horrible, horrible Trump founded and owned and named after himself. But I was starting to wonder if I’d made some kind of mistake about the facts of the matter, since nobody else is talking about it.

But yesterday retired NFL quarterback and sports commentator Boomer Esiason sent out this tweet.

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