Debate Tonight On The White Man's First Amendment'—You Knew This Was Coming
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I have long said that Americans are over-comfortable in their assumption that however crazy multi-culti America becomes, free speech is safe and sound.

It's not, of course. If the choice is between "free speech/white supremacy" and "censorship/multiculturalism", the latter is gaining ground fast. Soon, a free-speech defender will be indistinguished from a white supremacist, whatever that is.

Elie Mystal, a black blogger at Above the Law, is set to debate Ken White, aka Popehat, tonight in New York City.

Mystal will be telling us how "entirely done I am with the white man’s First Amendment right to advocate the ethnic cleansing of me from my own freaking country."

Which presumably means that the next time a Confederate statue is scheduled for demolition, nobody will be allowed to protest.

Ken White, of course, publicly wishes VDare would "die slowly of cancer", so maybe he and Elie can find a point of agreement.

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