NEW YORK TIMES Forced To Run Letter Rebutting "White Supremacist" Smear
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American Renaissance's Jared Taylor and's me just forced (by pointing out that post- Diversity libel law still protects public figures against "malice") the New York Times to run a Letter To The Editor (September 6, 2017) debunking law professors David J. Herzig [Email him] and Samuel D. Brunson's  [Email him] disgraceful attempt to pressure the IRS into dropping our exempt 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. This is important, because the post-Charlottesville Reign Of Terror has been proceeding on the totalitarian assumption that American patriots have no legal rights. They do, and they are beginning to assert them.

To the Editor:

Re “White Supremacist Groups Don’t Deserve Tax Exemptions” (Op-Ed,, Aug. 29):

David J. Herzig and Samuel D. Brunson argue that the I.R.S. should revoke the tax-exempt status of our organizations, New Century Foundation and VDARE Foundation, because we are “white supremacist groups.”

Anyone who has actually read our websites will laugh at this. The sole quotation that the writers use to support the claim of white supremacism — from New Century Foundation’s statement of purpose — is “We also believe the European-American majority has legitimate group interests now being ignored.” Would this statement be “supremacist” if it were about Hispanics or blacks?

The VDARE Foundation focuses on immigration and has long supported policies very close to those on which President Trump ran — and won. Do the authors think Mr. Trump and his 63 million voters are white supremacists?

The writers cite the Supreme Court’s 1983 decision revoking tax exemption for Bob Jones University as precedent. However, Bob Jones was engaging in conduct that the court found to be racially discriminatory. We are not engaging in any such conduct. We are exercising the right of free speech. The I.R.S. lacks authority to withdraw a tax exemption simply because Mr. Herzig and Mr. Brunson disagree with us.




Mr. Taylor is president of the New Century Foundation, and Mr. Brimelow is president of the VDARE Foundation.

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