Truth And Lies On The Cover Of The New Yorker
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The cover of the New Yorker, seen here, is meant satirically. It's supposed to represent the "lies" being told about Barack Obama, and the "fantasies" of right-wing racist Republicans.

But an examination of the symbols in the picture, show that most of them are basically accurate, and represent problems for Obama in the general election:

  • Muslim Dress: Though born in the US, Obama was raised abroad as a Muslim, and dressed up as one on a 2006 visit to Kenya. Falsehood, if any—Obama is not actually a Muslim, and is willing to drop any religious practice or belief that might stand between him and the White House.
  • Radical Michelle: Michelle Obama has never worn the costume or hairdo associated with Sixties radicals like Angela Davis, she is a radical, anti-American leftist. Falsehood if any—Michelle is not a violent radical, but a respectable Chicago leftist Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. And neither she nor Barack would do something as American as owning a gun.
  • The Burning Flag: Neither Barack nor Michelle is particularly patriotic in the Lexington and Concord sense. Many African-Americans aren't, because they listen to people like Jeremiah Wright. Falsehood if any—Obama has never actually set a flag on fire. That's not how you get elected President. As Pat Buchanan said "And that flag pin Barack got rid of after 9-11, calling it a "substitute ... for real patriotism"? It's back on the lapel. "
  • Picture Of Osama: It's fairly obvious that if America elects a man named Barack Hussein Obama, the terrorists will think they have won. Falsehood if any—Obama doesn't actually like Osama. After all, the country Bin Laden was attacking is the country he plans to be President of.

Finally, the fist-bumping thing—that's not even arguably false.  It's  Obama's somewhat phony looking way of "keepin' it real." It's part of the Hawaiian/Indonesian/White Obama's way of answering the question "Is Obama Black Enough" in the affirmative. Steve Sailer: "Why Obama being "black enough" would be in the interest of the 7/8ths of the electorate that isn't black has never been explained—but that's hardly surprising because the MSM hasn't even entertained it as a question. "


Ann Althouse called it a "hilarious spoof of the fears and lies about Obama," but pointed out where they may be coming from. I'm not sure if anyone on the Republican side is actually willing to hold Obama's sandalled feet to the American-flag fueled fire over any of this stuff, but there is someone who will. From an ordinary American in Althouse's comments:

IN THE COMMENTS: ricpic says:
The dead on truth about these two America haters.
Congrats Blitt.
And congrats to the Hillary camp inside The New Yorker.

Yes, that could very easily be the source of this cover. Which is amazing, when you consider that John McCain won't even allow references to Obama's middle name.

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