Update: All Three Dead In Tennessee Black Muslim Stabbing Attack Were White
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Earlier: Black Muslim Stabs Four Women (At Least Two White) In Tennessee; MSM Headlines “Durham Trucker”

In my earlier item, I asked if stabber Abdus-Salaam was a native-born black American who hated "racist" white women ("Beckys", "Karens") enough that he stabbed four random white women, killing three? And I noted that the Daily Mail had pictures of two of the victims, and they're white. I assume the others are, too.

Well, WVLT-8 CBS Knoxville produced picturs of the three dead white women (57-year-old Joyce Whaley, 51-year-old Patricia Denise Nibbe and 41-year-old Nettie R. Spencer) above.

WVLT's latest update is

Victim injured in Pilot stabbing released from hospital

Posted: Tue 7:28 AM, Apr 07, 2020 
Updated: Wed 10:35 AM, Apr 08, 2020

This victim is an unnamed woman (for reasons of privacy) whose race is not mentioned. If you are an unnamed victim, your race will not be mentioned if you're white, but highlighted in cases like the Duke Rape Hoax, where an unnamed woman was allegedly raped by a number of named white accused.

Here's a better picture of the late Nettie Spencer:

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