UN Vote Observers: Don’t Mess With Iowa Either!
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While it was encouraging to learn that Texas threatened to arrest UN busybodies seeking to prevent Texas voter ID requirements from ensuring an honest election, considering the well known Texas independent spirit, it wasn’t really surprising.

Now the Obama State Department is warning Texas that UN observers have immunity from arrest. But the State Department must know Texans, because in spite of urging by reporters, the spokesman refused to come right out and state that Texas couldn’t arrest the observers.

Don’t bet on Texas being intimidated by federal pressure: twice before the UN and two presidents—Bush the Second and Obama—tried to force Texas to stay the execution of killers who were Mexican citizens. The result: two dead Mexicans.

The second of these Mexicans, Humberto Leal Garcia Jr., was 38 and had lived in the US since he was 2. Garcia was convicted of raping and murdering a 16-year-old girl. For those who believe he must have been an American at heart and should have received a Dream Act amnesty, it should be known that just before he died he shouted “Viva Mexico!”

So it is not surprising that Texans are willing to stand up for their sovereign rights against the UN and the Feds. What may surprise many is that Iowa, a state perhaps best known for endless corn fields and fattening hogs, has now joined Texas and threatens to arrest UN observers if they come within 300 feet of an Iowa polling place. Don’t mess with Iowa!

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