MSM Dem Big Foot Worries About Steve Sailer's Marriage Gap - 8 Years on.
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Not just a pretty face.

Almost 8 years since Steve Sailer started writing here about the “Marriage Gap" – the pattern where by married women tend to break for the Republicans and single women for the Democrats – and just a week since he noted the lack of acknowledgement of this in the MSM – Eleanor Clift has broken ranks:
Obama’s Women Supporters and the ‘Marriage Gap’ Wild Card The Daily Beast Nov 4, 2012

The gender gap is a familiar feature of American politics and one of the reasons why President Obama remains competitive for reelection despite the weak economy. But there's another factor at work: it’s called “the marriage gap,”…

The marriage gap was first noticed in 1992, when it became apparent that married women, especially those in the suburbs, tended to favor Republicans. Women who are unmarried for whatever reason—single, divorced, or widowed—see government in a more positive light and are more likely to vote Democratic. In 2008, Obama won women by 13 points and men by 1 point; he won unmarried women by 41 points, while John McCain won married women by 3 points.

Clift concludes by worrying about the effectiveness of the Obama campaign in mobilizing single women. She does not consider the corollary effort to mobilize married women that should be happening on the Romney side. (Perhaps she doesn’t need to.)

Steve’s thinking on this key question was laid out in Affordable Family Formation—The Neglected Key To GOP's Future and illustrated by him recently here.

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