A Reader Says That UN Poll Watchers Will Get A Surprise If They Mess With Texas
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From: Jesse Mossman [Email him]

Alarmed at voter ID laws which could possible prevent Democrat blacks, illegal aliens, and the dead from stealing the election, the usual suspects, NAACP, ACLU, and others, have prompted the UN affiliate, The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to send inspectors to prevent conservatives from trying to achieve an honest election.

Those of us who despise global government, globalization, and meddling UN leftists will get a smile from the news that Texas will arrest UN election observers if they approach Texas polling places.

Greg Abbott, Attorney General of Texas

“sent a letter to the OSCE warning the organization that its representatives “are not authorized by Texas law to enter a polling place” and that it “may be a criminal offense for OSCE’s representatives to maintain a presence within 100 feet of a polling place's entrance.”[Texas sparks international row with election observers, The Hill, October 25, 2012]

 May be accusations of the dead voting are unfair—maybe there really are 2,214 LIVE voters over 110 in North Carolina—and one who is 160! [North Carolina Finds 2,214 Registered Voters over the Age of 110, Breitbart.com, October 23, 2012]

We certainly need the UN to make sure these VERY senior citizens are not disenfranchised by heartless conservatives.

 Given the overwhelming European preference for leftists it is hardly surprising that OSCE  wants to interfere. However it is heartening that at least one state retains enough American spirit to give them the finger—and a set of handcuffs if they show up. Don't mess with Texas!

James Fulford writes: America has perfectly good election laws designed to ensure an honest count—it’s not a Third World country.  The UN “inspectors”, if allowed to participate,  would be trying to prevent the enforcement of American voting laws.

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