U Of Tennessee Snapchat Blackface Students Correct: There Is "Free College" For Anyone Who Can Pass For Black
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snapchatIn Collective punishment at the University of Tennessee, April 8, 2019 Hans Bader argues against punishing all University of Tennessee students for what he describes as “a Snapchat image with a racist caption”.

Two students wore blackface at the University of Tennessee, in a Snapchat image with a racist caption. The University is responding by putting tens of thousands of students, faculty, and staff through sensitivity training. It may even require the 186,000 minors participating in the state’s 4-H program to attend sensitivity training. It will also require students at the University of Tennessee’s main campus in Knoxville to take classes in “global citizenship,” as a way to make them to engage in racial “dialogue” and increase “understanding” of racial “differences.”

This all seems like an overreaction. There is no sign that these students’ racism is widely shared among the student body. And while wearing blackface is offensive, it is not a crime: Indeed, the federal appeals court in Richmond ruled that the First Amendment protects students’ right to wear blackface, in Iota Xi Chapter v. George Mason University (1993).

He doesn’t say what the racist caption is. Did it involve a Word that is now unprintable? No, the white University of Tennessee students sent a Snapchat picture of themselves in blackface, with this comment

We for racial equality boys

Bout to get this free college now that I'm black let's gooooo


A black female student posted a screenshot of it with the comment

I thought long and hard about posting this but it hit an emotional spot for me for people to think that i did not EARN what was given to me because of my race.

http://i.imgur.com/IjsoO12.jpgIf she means that she was admitted with SAT scores that were good enough to get a white student into college, she may be right, but that’s not what this comment is about. It’s about all the free money available to black students, and not available to whites.

http://almostblack.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/final3dcover.pngThis is well known enough to have been the subject of a 1986 movie called Soul Man, in which, as IMDB puts it “To achieve his dream of attending Harvard, a pampered teen poses as a young black man to receive a full scholarship.” Believe it or not, Hollywood used this movie to teach a lesson about white privilege.

Vijay Chokal-Ingam was a self-described “ethically challenged, hard-partying Indian American frat boy” who portrayed himself as an American black (shaving his head conceal his straight hair) to get into medical school. He didn’t get scholarships intended for blacks, though—that might have led to charges of fraud.

It’s the colleges that are racially discriminating here, and these young whites are victims of racism.

Here’s a list, from the University of Tennessee Knoxville website, of all the "free college" available to blacks and other minorities but not whites. Two of the racially discriminator programs are named after Jackie Robinson and Thurgood Marshall, who were famous integrationists—when it suited them.

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