Twitter Deleted Michelle Malkin Clip After It Was Retweeted By Donald Trump—As DOJ Moves To Investigate Silicon Valley For Antitrust
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This tweet by Donald Trump is about Tech Totalitarian censorship:

The clip with Michelle Malkin speaking was deleted by Twitter:

American First Clips retweeted it again (I'm embedding these Tweets, rather than screenshotting, so you can interact but they may be deleted.)

This is a frankly shocking exercise of Twitter's censorship.

In a related note, the Justice Department is moving on Silicon Valley:

The people cautioned that neither the department nor the state AGs have made any decisions about filing such a case, which would be the first major U.S. antitrust action against a dominant technology company since the Clinton administration's pursuit of Microsoft in the 1990s. But the DOJ's antitrust inquiries into Google, Facebook and other Silicon Valley powers has become a priority for Attorney General William Barr, who has asserted greater control of the probes and has said he wants to make a decision on Google by the summer.

Google could face antitrust suits by summer as DOJ, states move toward decisions, by Leah Nylen, POLITICOMay 15, 2020

By the way, it's being suggested that this clip was from Michelle's speech at AFPAC. It's not, it's from Western Conservative Summit 2019,  which is impeccably Conservativism, Inc, not a fringe organization at all.

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