Trump Won't Get Credit For Murder Drop, Because MSM Won't Admit Obama Caused Murder RISE, AKA "Ferguson Effect"
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While, as John Derbyshire reports below, interracial crime, of the black-on-white variety, is going up, crime in general is going down during the Trump Administration, especially compared to what Steve Sailer calls the "Late Obama Age Collapse."

John Hinderaker at Powerline had a post on Sunday titled Violent Crime Drops, Trump Gets No Credit, with this helpful chart from the New York Times last November.

Hinderaker places the blame for the uptick in murders squarely on Obama:

In its December 2018 story, the Times acknowledged the dramatic upward spike in the last years of the Obama administration, but offered no theory as to what might have caused it:

The murder rate in the United States in 2018 is on track for the largest one-year drop in five years.
Murder rose 23 percent nationally between 2014 and 2016 before leveling off in 2017.

Emphasis added. As I wrote in March:

So what happened in 2015 and 2016 to cause the violent crime rate, including the homicide rate, to rise after decades of decline? I can’t think of any explanation other than the Black Lives Matter movement and the relentless attacks on law enforcement that it engendered, which were supported by the Obama administration. But what happened when Donald Trump took over in the White House? The homicide and violent crime rates began to fall again.

I conservatively estimated that the 2015-2016 increase in homicides under Obama cost more than 5,000 lives (most of them black). Conversely, thousands of lives are now being saved, as the homicide rate declines. You might consider this newsworthy, but our newspapers don’t. Anything that reflects negatively on the Obama administration or positively on the Trump administration–this is a twofer–is best left unmentioned.

Hinderaker blogged in December on earlier reports of the crime drop under the heading of President Trump Saves Thousands of Lives.

However, Hinderaker doesn't quite "go there" to the extent of saying President Obama Got Thousands Of People Killed.

Steve Sailer went there. In a post about Wesley Lowery's Black Lives Matter book  They Can't Kill Us All, Sailer wrote

So, the last two years of the Obama Administration saw roughly 4,335 extra homicides vs 2014, more than all the blacks lynched in U.S. history. That’s not quite Killing Us All, but it’s a lot of incremental dead bodies in the wake of the American Establishment deciding in 2014 that what was really plaguing Black America was too much law and order.

In  The BLM Effect: Homicides Up 20% Nationally from 2014 to 2016, Sailer repeated this:

It seems pretty obvious that the murder bulge has been concentrated among blacks killing blacks, especially in cities where Black Lives Matter was active and successful at discouraging cops. In both Baltimore and Chicago, for example, the increase in murders started the same week as BLM protests.

That’s about 4,450 incremental homicides over the 2014 base rate during the last two years of the Obama Administration. That’s 1,000 more dead bodies than all the blacks lynched in U.S. history (according to the NAACP).

Heckuva job, Obammie.

In general, the MSM doesn't want to give Trump credit for anything, but this is a special case.

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