Trump's Son-In-Law's Publication Says Sailer Strategy Worked!
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The Sailer Strategy is making the Big Time!

Peter Brimelow commented in And Let Us Now Praise Famous Sailers (As Well As Trumps)

It’s 16—that’s s-i-x-t-e-e-n—years (that’s YEARS) since Steve Sailer wrote for us GOP Future Depends on Winning Larger Share of the White Vote, which flew directly in the face of Karl Rove dogma and argued that inreach to the GOP’s white base was, as a matter of simple arithmetic, more important than outreach to Democrat-dependent minorities.

...Steve continued exploring the issue, posting  “Slippery Six” Mid-West States Doom Romney—Because Of Low White Share after the Romney Rout in 2012. He there outlined exactly the strategy that has brought Trump to victory.

Some interesting recognition has recently been forthcoming.  If you didn't think Trump could win, you weren't watching closely enough By Andrew Sabisky International Business Times November 10, 2016 honestly comments

…the election represents a stunning vindication of Trump… He took the infamous Sailer Strategy [no link] and made it work, winning over rural white voters on an unprecedented scale, most notably in the Midwest.

Sabisky unhappily continues

Faced with Trump's ethnically-tinged nationalist agenda, the temptation for the Democrats is to identify even more strongly as the party of ethnic minorities (allied with highly-educated urban whites). This strategy will ultimately spell electoral and moral disaster. Polarisation works both ways; in the not-so-long-term, sharply identified ethnic minority voting blocs simply encourage lower-status whites to regard themselves as simply just another identity bloc, and vote accordingly.

This is an issue Steve raised today in A Tactical Suggestion For Democrats: Tone Down Your Hatred Of Straight White Men.

But for us professional Steve Sailer boosters far more exciting was America’s Emerging Nationalism Crisis by John R Schindler 11/14/16. This operation has been owned for a decade by Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law.

Schindler normally writes on rather sophisticated National Security and Intelligence issues. He comments:

At a certain level, how Trump won is so simple that most pundits—the same people who gave the president-elect no chance of winning—can’t see it. The Republican nominee got enough white votes—especially among the working class, particularly in the upper Mid-West—to offset huge Democratic advantages among minorities and white professionals. This was the Sailer Strategy, named after the insightful blogger who coined the notion back in 2000. Steve Sailer’s essential idea, that the GOP needed to max out the white vote to keep winning national elections in the face of changing demographics, was rejected by most Republicans as smacking of racism.

It cannot be stated too many times that the GOP establishment repeatedly rejected Sailerism…Trump adopted the Sailer Strategy—whether he knew it I have no idea—and won handsomely.

( emphasis)

Towards the end of an essay very well worth reading he says

…in recent decades, Washington has advocated that Black, Hispanic and Asian nationalisms are “good” while White Nationalism is “bad.” However, average whites—meaning those not indoctrinated in critical race theory in college—will never see it that way. The problem with pushing identity politics among minorities as a political weapon is that the majority eventually realizes they have an identity too.

He goes on

The GOP has changed, only their leaders seem not to have noticed. The Republicans are now the White party, de facto, whether they want to be or not.

In other words, the GOP is really the GAP—the Generic American Party.

We will have to keep a closer eye on John R. Schindler.

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