Michigan—Not Karl Rove—Shows How To Win.
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The Human Rights crime which is constituted by Affirmative Action in America has been an interest of VDARE.com's right from the start. Indeed, our founder, Peter Brimelow, was writing hostile articles whenever he could for years previously—for instance here and here.

So it was that, and with RNC member Curly Haugland's luminous assessment that the Republicans are pandering too much to minorities which I blogged on earlier in mind, that I read Now the GOP Is For Affirmative Action? Harry Stein City Journal Autumn 2006

Imperative reading for anyone concerned for anyone concerned with the direction of the American polity, this article is a lucid documentation of the Bush Administration's reversal of the slow and painful efforts begun under Reagan to contain and repair the damage this iniquitous policy has wrought on the core Republican constituency—white men and their families.

A grim tale with a couple moments of wry amusement:

Ward Connerly, the black leader of the State Ballot Initiatives against Affirmative Action—including this year's in Michigan - reports that an initially favorable reception by Texas Governor George W. Bush came to nothing:

"I was told that Karl Rove doesn't think that's a good idea right now, we'll get back to you later. To this day, it's never happened."

(Amnesty, accelerated immigration, Affirmative Action: why does this guy hate his own people so much?)

Senator Barack Obama is referred to as GOP chairman Ken Mehlman's "Harvard Law School pal". So that's why Mehlman bailed out—no doubt he plans to run Obama's Presidential campaign!

But otherwise it is a sordid tale of betrayal, at best stupid and cowardly, but probably in my view rooted in something worse.

However, the fact is that Connerly and the new American heroine, Jennifer Gratz, did actually win in Michigan. The campaign is extensively discussed in the article, which however went to press with their victory uncertain.

That they could win, in a Democratic year and a fairly liberal state, shows that Haugland is right. The issues are there. Properly presented, they can produce victory.

The problem is, that would entail policies which the gang controlling George W. absolutely does not want.

VDARE.com wishes it could have given more coverage to the Michigan effort, which might turn out to be the most important vote of the year. It is a matter of scarce resources!

Hat Tip, View from the Right, which has its own, characteristically acidic, analysis.

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