A Tactical Suggestion For Democrats: Tone Down Your Hatred Of Straight White Men.
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After Republican defeats in Presidential elections, the Mainstream Media constantly calls for the GOP to fundamentally change by putting illegal aliens on the Path to Citizenship.

After this Democratic defeat, however, there have been numerous reassurances that the general strategy of Electing a New People is foolproof in the long run. For example:

From Vox:

Trump’s coalition won the demographic battle. It’ll still lose the war.

Updated by Ruy Teixeira Nov 15, 2016, 8:40am EST:

From The Hill:
Democrats should probably move on from the Rust Belt


From Bloomberg:
Actually, Democrats, You Don’t Need Those White Men

NOV 14, 2016 11:35 AM EST

By Conor Sen

Indeed, that may be true.

But, here’s a suggestion for Democrats: tone down your hatred of Straight White Men.

Granted, hating Haven Monahan is a convenient tool for holding together your unwieldy Coalition of the Fringes. But that’s a foolproof strategy only as long as the targets of your hate don’t notice you hate them. Political correctness, being a war on noticing, is a useful tool for keeping the objects of your hate clueless. But political correctness has its limits.

Judging from the first week of the New Era, however, the Democrats appear intent on redoubling their hate and demands for intellectual obliviousness.

The Democrats are currently confident that they can maintain a Blue Wall of class to keep the ideas of Trump and Stephen Miller from appealing to higher class whites in the future.

But the emergence in 2016 of the Bernie Bros — straight white guys who liked the masculinity of Senator Sanders’ old-fashioned socialism — and of the girls who like Bernie Bros suggests that the future is unwritten. The Overton Window has widened and a lot of change might be possible.

The first thing the Democrats need to do is be honest with themselves about what they’ve been up to and why it has backfired on them. Unfortunately for them, their dominant ideology of political correctness is anti-honesty.

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