Trump/La Raza Judge Row Blows Lid On GOP Establishment Plan: Sabotage His Campaign, Wait For 2020
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H/T One Old Vet

The Trump/Mexican Judge row raises extremely important issues which cut ultimately to the question of whether the (white) American Nation can have leaders willing to defend it. (The MSM/Inside-the-Beltway Establishment shrieks NO!!!)  Some valuable discussions on the Judicial aspects of the matter have appeared which I hope to review later .

But the Media hysteria has separately fulfilled an historic function: panicking the GOP Leadership into prematurely revealing their Trump plan. This is to sabotage his campaign, sacrifice the 2016 Presidential election and (maybe) dispossess the Serfs again and get back control of the Party for 2020.

And continue collecting bribes as usual.

Two of the Treason Lobby’s GOP Senate assets, Arizona’s Jeff Flake (Numbers USA ranking C-) and Illinois’ Mark Kirk (Numbers USA ranking D-)  are basking in MSM adulation because of announcing they will not support Trump. Another, the contemptible Lindsey Graham (NumbersUSA F-) is calling for a general GOP unendorsement (Lindsey Graham Wants Republicans To Unendorse Donald Trump Paige Lavender The Huffington Post 6/07/2016)

Senate Leader McConnell (NumbersUSA ranking D)  has bid for a share of this limelight with Mitch McConnell: It’s Time for Donald Trump to Stop Attacking Minority Groups by Lissandra Villa Time June 7 2016

(Time for you to start defending Whites, Mitch!)

And the despicable Paul Ryan (NumbersUSA ranking F!!!)has got himself into an impossible situation by foolishly dropping the 21st Century political nuclear bomb on Trump: Paul Ryan Is Totally Appalled by Trump’s Racist Judge Comments, Supports Him Anyway By Josh Voorhees Slate June 7 2016.

The fact is Trump represents a revolutionary Peasant uprising and the landowning Nobles were never going to go along with it. The Donald is on his own (except for the American People). Fortunately this reality has been revealed before the actual campaign is far advanced.

We at have constraints about what we can say about actual elections. Not so Ann Coulter:

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