Trump Didn't Lose, So He Won. How Did This Happen?
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It's  sort of silly trying to find a winner in anything as stilted as Thursday night's GOP candidates "debate" (NumbersUSA immigration-oriented summary here) although Drudge's poll currently shows Donald Trump way ahead with 37.86% of the votes cast. But it's pretty clear that Trump did not crash and burn—contrary to many professionals' expectations.

How did this happen? I think Dick Morris, who is familiar with the New York City talk radio scene, may be right in his pre-debate August 6 column Trump Can Win:

The establishment is waiting for Trump to make a mistake. But even as he tip-toes over the line of political correctness, his detractors need to understand that he – unlike they – is a media pro. Where they may occasionally appear on camera, Trump does it every week. He constantly threads his way between critics and says what he thinks. Doing so in a political context is no big deal for him.


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