Trump Derangement Syndrome: Anarchist Of Some Kind Shot Attacking ICE As A Result Of "Concentration Camp" Libel
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The attack on the Tacoma ICE facility seems to be the work of one white guy, anarchist or antifa.

Via Instapundit:

NEW CIVILITY WATCH: Man Armed with Rifle and Molotov Cocktails Tries to Set Fire to ICE Center in Washington.

Earlier: Bernie Bro James T. Hodgkinson, Attempted Assassin Of Steve Scalise, Already Being Erased From History. And additional examples of leftist violence and eliminationist rhetoric at the link.

It seems likely that it's the result of murderous propaganda against America--demonization--led by Democrats like AOC:

They're saying that ICE are Nazis, and detention centers are concentration camps, and this is a predictable result.

Various people are trying to defend it, rationalize it, or minimize it on Twitter.

Remember that even after a Black Lives Matter gunman committed mass murder in Dallas, Hillary was still attacking cops on Twitter on their behalf. As Steve Sailer put it, "Hillary’s initial response to the BLM terrorist massacre of Dallas cops was to lecture whites on “implicit bias.”

This is more of the same.

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