Angela Saini: A Not-So-Scientific Racist Declares Her Ancestral Homeland "The Smartest Country on the Planet"
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Earlier, The GUARDIAN's Angela Saini (Guess How She Got That Name!) vs. "Eugenics"…AKA Science


From The Guardian:

21st century, hi-tech India: the smartest country on the planet

From rocket science to DNA research, India is ridding itself of its poor country image. In this extract from her book Geek Nation, Angela Saini visits Lavasa, an emerging electronic ‘dream city’ where machines will rule

Angela Saini
Sat 5 Mar 2011

Angela Saini??? Where have we heard that name before?

Oh, yeah, she’s the author of the celebrated work of Science Denialism: Superior: The Return of Race Science about evil white pseudoscientists like Francis Galton, Arthur Jensen, and David Reich.

… And yet here in the middle of the Western Ghats, in what can reasonably be called nowhere, I descend into a steep valley and find myself in what will soon become one of the most advanced cities on earth. …

Angela Saini is a science journalist. Extracted from Geek Nation, How Indian Science is Taking Over the World.

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