Trump Body Language "Menacing"? Female Says: Worry About Muslim Rapists!
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According to social media and the big MSM, a major element in the second Presidential debate was the body language of Donald Trump which many chatterboxes found to be intimidating toward poor little Hillary.

The Washington Post used the language of criminality: Why was Trump lurking behind Clinton? How body language dominated the debate. October 10, 2016

A man who has been caught on tape gloating about groping women — and panting like a dog after a married woman — should not be seen stalking a woman in front of millions of television viewers. Not if he wants to improve his image, anyway.

But Donald Trump, looming behind Hillary Clinton like a mob boss, only reinforced his perception as a schoolyard bully in the second presidential debate Sunday night…

CNN’s body language expert Janine Driver called Trump’s movements a “pre-assault indicator.”

Do Democrats not understand how patronizing and ultimately harmful it is to their candidate to portray her as a tiny weakling who must be protected from a dominant man?

Hillary Clinton is running to be Commander in Chief, not school board member. If elected, she will be standing toe to toe with some very dangerous foreign leaders who want to take advantage of America’s growing weakness, as engineered by Obama.

Do liberals believe that Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un and other overseas autocrats are gentlemen with perfect manners?

No, they will try to dominate Hillary in every way possible. Just a month ago, the Red Chinese snubbed President Obama by not providing a staircase for him to exit Air Force One when he arrived in Hangzhou for a G20 meeting. He was forced to leave the airplane via a basic ramp in the rear as a result of the calculated insult.

You can be sure that America’s nuclear-armed enemies will not be any nicer to a female president. A commander in chief who understands how dominance figures into leadership may be a better choice.

Movement analyst Tonya Reiman appeared on Fox Business Monday to discuss her observations. She was asked by host Maria Bartiromo, “What would be your most important takeaway in terms of body language?”

“Don’t lurk over the other candidate,” she responded. “That was unbelievable — the hovering. For a man that size, it’s almost menacing to be hanging over her that way. And the other thing about that is, the reason you have a town hall is so that one person sits while the other stands and gets all the attention. So him walking around throughout the entire time took complete posture away from her, so nobody’s really listening to her because they’re watching him lurk.”

And if any women should be worried about “menacing” men in connection with this election, it should be the American women who will be endangered by the more than one million Syrians and other Muslims that Clinton has promised to resettle into this country during her first term.

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