Treason Lobby Flaunts Control Of South Carolina GOP Via Hispandering Poodle Rep Mulvaney (SC-5)
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H/T One Old Vet

H/T the sometimes so valuable Drudge Report for the incisive and more professional headline S Carolina GOP Rep mulls amnesty at townhall — held entirely in Spanish… This links to G.O.P. Congressman in South Carolina Takes a Risk With a Foray Into Immigration by Julia Preston The New York Times Feb 21, 2014

Representative Mick Mulvaney, a Republican, can take a few political risks in his South Carolina district, one of the most conservative in this reliably Republican state. This week he did just that.

Mr. Mulvaney convened a town-hall meeting in this country town on the troublesome issue of immigration, with an audience of Latinos. He held forth for an hour, parsing policy and answering questions about the prospects for immigration legislation in the House — entirely in Spanish...making the most of the Spanish skills he acquired years ago in college...

Mulvaney grovelled

“I am more than willing to have a discussion about allowing at least part of the 11 million people here illegally to have some type of status,” he said. “I’m just disappointed that more people in my party don’t want to do that.”

There are two issues here

This is a real outrage. Excellent work was done 7 years ago demonstrating in detail the impact of immigration in the state: South Carolinian wages depressed by immigration. (Needless to say it has not been updated but the situation cannot have improved.)

South Carolina is sufficiently safe GOP territory that it could nurture Patriots as Alabama has Jeff Sessions and Mo Brooks.

Instead insidious elements bought Jim DeMint’s replacement by the cipher Tim Scott, prevented all but grassroots opposition to the despicable Lindsey Graham and as the NumbersUSA score card shows the GOP delegation as a whole has deteriorated, including “You Lie” Joe Wilson who has  to fallen to C+ this Congress from a Career A. That smell is not Palmettos! South Carolina Patriots need to get a grip.

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