Excellent Anti-Amnesty House Speech By Mo Brooks
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June 19 House speech by Mo Brooks (Al-5th)
His (rather tardy) email service has just alerted me to a fine speech (text) on the Obamacrat Amnesty by Congressman Mo Brooks (Numbers USA grade A+)

I have previously praised two other House speeches given last year by Mo Brooks:
Rep. Mo Brooks Hits Home Run On Unemployment/Immigration
Congressman Mo Brooks Repeats: Help American Workers By Evicting Illegals

I was beginning to wonder if the House leadership had repressed him.

At 2:50 Brooks notes that in his home county
“…more Madison Countians have lost their lives to illegal aliens than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined”
At 3:20 he swings into a fluent denunciation of the Constitutionality of Obama’s recent Amnesty Coup D’état. This of course is the silver bullet usable even by those too scared by "Hitler's Revenge" to discuss immigration directly.

Mo Brooks as I noted yesterday is one of only four Congressmen to have signed all three of the Amnesty Blocking Bills (which, sadly, made no progress yesterday).

Mo Brooks looks like emerging as the primary Immigration Patriot champion in the House

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