Toys For Tots: No Jesus For Christmas
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Although we are not quite ready to start our annual War On Christmas competition, I already have my entry:

Every year, the Marine Corps (mostly cutie pa-tuties....but don't tell my Navy husband I said that) collects and distributes toys to needy children throughout the country. The operation is entirely dependent on the generosity of individuals and corporations and I must say, they always do a fantastic job!

This year a company called Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company offered to donate 4,000 talking Jesus dolls. Apparently, the doll quotes various scriptures from the bible—so Toys for Tots rejected the offer.

Yes indeed-y...according to Bill Grein, VP for Marines Toys for Tots in Quantico, Virginia, the Corps "doesn't profess one religion over another."

Furthermore, the toys are distributed to children based on financial need and they have no way of knowing the religious background of any recipient.

As such, "We can't take a chance on sending a talking Jesus doll to a Jewish family or a Muslim family" said Grein.

[Toys for Tots rejects Jesus doll, AP 11/14/2006]

Wow...what exactly is the risk? A Christian organization (the toy company), in a Christian nation (the United States...and yes, despite what anybody says we are a Judeo-Christian nation) wants to give Christian Christmas presents to poor kids.

How preposterous!

Here's a thought: If Christian scripture (or Jesus himself) is so offensive, why are Jewish and Muslim kids celebrating his birthday?

(p.s. The idea of sending a Jesus doll that quotes scripture does have a pushy feel about it but I think calling it offensive is a bit, well...offensive.)

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