Top Three Favorite Unreplicated Psychology Experiments
May 06, 2012, 03:21 AM
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From PsychFileDrawer:

What are important studies that your field of Psychology gives credence to, but which—as far as you know—have not been replicated in any published follow-up work? (Up to 3 votes per person—see links below to vote for one of the studies already nominated—or nominate & vote for another study of your choosing.) (What is the goal in creating this list?)




Discussion of Study


Jaeggi, S., Buschkuehl, M., Jonides, J., Perrig, W. (2008). Improving fluid intelligence with training on working memory. PNAS 105(19), 6829-6833.

10 - 20 sessions of doing n-back task raises fluid IQ as measured with Ravens

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Cohen, G. L., Garcia, J., Apfel, N., & Master, A. (2006). Reducing the racial achievement gap: A social-psychological intervention. Science, 313, 1307-1310.

Writing brief paragraph on important values improves academic achievement over subsequent year

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Ramirez, G. & Beilock, S. L. (2011). Writing about testing worries boosts exam performance in the classroom. Science, 331, 211-213.

Huge exam-score increases resulting from anxiety-reducing interventions deserve replication. I


Notice a pattern?

Via David Z. Hambrick in the NYT, IQ Points for Sale, Cheap.