Toby Young On IQ Conference: "It Was Like A Meeting Of Charter 77 In Václav Havel’s Flat In Prague In The 1970s"
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Lance Welton wrote on the kerfuffle about a private conference about intelligence in London, a meeting of academics that wasn't publicized because of the danger of antifa violence, which has been going on this field for over 40 years, since Hans Eysenck was physically assaulted by Maoists at the London School of Economics in 1973. Part of the reason this became known is that Toby Young mentioned it in a speech he gave at a more public, mainstream conference in Montreal, where he said:
I discovered just how cautious scholars in this field can be when I was invited to attend a two-day conference on intelligence at University College London by the academic and journalist James Thompson earlier this year. Attendees were only told the venue at the last minute—an anonymous antechamber at the end of a long corridor called ‘Lecture Room 22’– and asked not to share the information with anyone else. One of those present, on discovering I was a journalist, pleaded with me not to write about the fact that he was there—he didn’t want his colleagues to find out. It was like a meeting of Charter 77 in Václav Havel’s flat in Prague in the 1970s. But these precautions were not unreasonable, considering the reaction that any reference to between-group differences in IQ provokes.

2017 Constance Holden Memorial Address: Liberal Creationism [PDF]

This is in between a discussion of the harassment of psychologist  Linda Gottfredson in the 90s and what happened to James Watson in 2007. Now it's happening to Toby Young.
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