To which GOP candidates does the Smart Money lean?
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Audacious Epigone looks through the federal campaign contribution database to find out whom individuals identifying their occupations as "lobbyist" have donated to:


Presidential candidateLobbyist $
1. Rick Perry$25,500
2. Tim Pawlenty$11,770
3. Newt Gingrich$11,500
4. Mitt Romney$8,000
5. Rick Santorum$3,000
6. Herman Cain$2,500
7. Barack Obama$1,150
8. Jon Hunstman$500
9. Michelle Bachmann$250
10. Charles "Buddy" Roemer$100


So, the smart money, the professional insiders whose stock in trade is knowing which way the political winds are blowing, have invested most heavily in Rick Perry and longtime iSteve favorite T-Paw. Heckuva job, lobbyists!
By the way, is it too late for Mitch Daniels to jump in? I've got another anecdote about the famously sensible Indiana governor's lifelong love affair with drugs that I haven't used yet, and it would be a shame to have to wait until the next Presidential Timber rounds in 2015.
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