Those Who Can See On "Being a Progressive, Yesterday: Race"
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The blogger M.G. Miles, a “long-time American expatriate in France” (and apparently female), only posts around once a month, but the posts at her blog Those Who Can See are always worth waiting for.

There was a new post on Monday.  Topic: Progressives, then and now.  What did social Progressives of the late 19th and early 20th centuries believe about race?  How did their intellectual descendants come to believe the opposite thing?  What will Progressives believe in the future?

M.G. walks us through background science, history, and implications, in her usual well-organized style, with headings and sub-headings.

I. Born This Way: Progressive from birth?

II. What they thought: Leftism in the age of Race realism.

1)  Former Abolitionists

2) Muckrakers

3) Social Workers

4) Clergy

5) Suffragettes

6) Novelists

7) Educators

8) Politicians

8a) Southern Progressives

8b) Socialists

8c) Republicans / Democrats

9)  Afros themselves

10) The Blank Slatist

III. What They Lost: The Road away from Reason.

IV. What They Can Teach Us: All that's old is new.

1) Facing up to inequality in education

2) Admitting the need for behavior constraints

3) Focusing on strengths

For a stamp of HBD quality, note the approving (with a slight correction) remarks in the comment thread by HBD blogger par excellence JayMan, whom I recommended to viewers a few months ago.
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