This Morning, CNN/HLN’s Kyra Phillips Told America About “The Knockout Game”! She Only Left Out One Detail...
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This morning, either morning host Robin Meade or “reporter” Kyra Phillips said “parents need to know” about this, and “Kids call it a game, but it’s not a game.”[Teens playing violent and deadly 'Knockout Game', By Mark Coleman,  September 30, 201]

What would we do without these people?

Apparently, since every sentient being in America  already knew about this phenomenon, the newshounds at HLN realized that they couldn’t cover it up any longer, and decided to do a pseudo-news report on it.

Of course, Phillips neglected to inform viewers that it’s only black “kids” who call it a “game,” and that they only target whites and Asians. The unexplained, accompanying video [Click here to watch] was of black kids walking outside, next to a school, and sucker punching a middle-aged, white teacher, who made the mistake of walking past them, without his guard up.

You may never turn your back on blacks, and never let down your guard around even one of them. The same advice applies to the MSM.

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