This Day In History, 2012: Even BBC Noted 100 Illegals Maltreated By Coyotes In Texas—But Drudge Ignores
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Originally published here on this day in 2012.

The news that that over 100 illegal aliens held against their will by apparent Coyotes were (fortunately) released on Wednesday from a house in Edinburg Texas has caught the imagination of the world—even the BBC has a story: Two charged after illegal immigrants found in Texas houses,  May 4,  2012.

Rightly so because the details are horrific:

More than 100 illegal aliens were discovered living inside three small homes, one of which was padlocked from the outside and bars covered the windows.

Those being held captive had no access to food or water for several days, according to court documents.

Edinburg police spokesman, Lt. Oscar Treviño told The Monitor: “It was crazy. They hadn’t eaten or drank water for days,” he said. “There was no water, no light — nothing in there.”

Several required hospitalization for treatment of dehydration and malnourishment.

Unprotected border is fueling human rights crisis, by Dave Gibson Immigration Reform Examiner, May 4, 2012

This account (which also provides a good summary of similar incidents) continues

Mexican nationals Vicente Ortiz Soto, 24, and Marcial Salas Gardunio, 24, were taken into custody and charged with conspiracy to harbor illegal immigrants.

Both Ortiz and Salas have requested court-appointed lawyers.

( Thanks, US Taxpayers!)

According to the federal complaint, Salas drove the illegal aliens from the Rio Grande to the drop houses, threatening them with beatings and even death if they did stay quite [sic] or tried to escape.

(H/T One Old Vet)

Conspicuously not carrying the story is the Drudge Report, once such a reliable source of this kind of news, and of course generally very alert for dramatic human interest items.

To me this is further evidence confirming the suspicion I raised in Derbyshire Atrocity: Why Has Drudge Report Dodged? It seems that the immigration issue has been put on ice at Drudge—unlike stories about Black misbehavior.

No doubt the latter can be plausibly expected to help turn voters to the GOP—but the former would raise uncomfortable questions as to why the Congressional Republican leadership has made no effort on the question in the 112th Congress. That might inconvenience their Cheap Labor Lobby owners.

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