Guatemalan Consular Network Monitoring U.S. Alien Detention Centers, Making Sure Health Protocols Being Applied Properly
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Mexico has a vast consular network on U.S. soil, of 50 consulates (in addition to its embassy) on U.S. soil, which can openly meddle.  It's just that our political class doesn't seem to care, nor does the media. 

Well, Guatemala has  17 consulates in the United States (and ten in Mexico).  For Guatemala's size and population (42,000 square miles and 17 and a quarter million people) that's rather impressive. 

According to a recent report in Diario de Centro América (the Guatemalan government's own newspaper): 

The consulates of Guatemala in the United States offer accompaniment to the fellow Guatemalans who remain in custody of the migratory authorities,  to make sure that the centers comply with the health protocols and avoid the spread of COVID-19… [Minex asegura acompañamiento de consulados a migrantes detenidos en EE. UU. (“Guatemalan Foreign Ministry Ensures Accompaniment of Consulates with Migrants Detained in the United States”), by Jose Mazariegos, Diario de Centro América, April 30, 2020].

So Guatemalan diplomats are monitoring our illegal alien detention centers to make sure we're following "health protocols" and not allowing the coronavirus to spread inside the detention centers. 

Thanks for giving us a hand there, Guatemala!  

So what other activities can Guatemalan diplomats carry out on our soil, relating to the Guatemalan Diaspora?  

Can we ever get our media interested in this? 





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