“This Apology Means Nothing To Us"—The One Party State On College Campuses
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One of the main reasons so many conservatives are willing to simply go along with illegal immigration is because it is so much trouble to oppose it. If you limit your rhetoric to banalities about the Constitution and cutting taxes, you will never get protested in your life. But if you even mention enforcing immigration law, you will fall under the Eye of Sauron and will be dealing with militant, vulgar, and violent ethnic activists.

This starts in college. At the University of Virginia, there was a proposal for a university funded group for illegal immigrants. Of course, already, this is a screwed up situation as every single one of these invaders should be deported immediately, not given benefits by a taxpayer funded university. But that's neither here nor there.

The group was ultimately not recognized because six members of the student government abstained from voting. One conservative student, Erich Reimer, celebrated this on his Facebook page with the hashtag "#conservative." He was predictably criticized. As a good "#conservative" he immediately apologized, groveled, and went into a protective crouch. It did him no good.

Campus Reform informs us the illegal immigrant group immediately called for a public apology from and the immediate removal of Reimer.

“Even though the post was removed the next day, the harm had already been done; offensive terms such as “illegal” was [sic] used and he made it clear that StudCo (student council) was not to be trusted.”

The group did acknowledge Reimer’s apology in its petition but only by flatly rejecting it and refusing to issue forgiveness.

“This apology means nothing to us. There is no way that we can be reassured that this will not occur in the future,” the petition states before demanding Reimer’s impeachment because of his conservative “mindset.” “This individual holds other important positions in which he represents the university. However, StudCo is not a place in which he can hold office, with this mindset. He is to be removed immediately.”

The group is also demanding the establishment of an administration-run committee tasked with the sole purpose of investigating student representatives.

“Our third demand is for the university to conduct a mandatory review of student council. We demand that an ad hoc administration-run committee conduct this review,” the petition reads. “Additionally, this ad hoc committee needs to scrub for xenophobic representatives who have been placed in office.”

[UVA students petition for removal of senator who refused to vote on illegal immigrant groupby Anthony Gockowski, March 28, 2016]

Keep that rhetoric in mind. Illegals want a committee to "scrub for xenophobic representatives who have been placed in office." Essentially, people who shouldn't even be in the country, let alone a public university, want veto power over elected student representatives.

The article goes on to explain the main reason the group was rejected was because the application was filled out incorrectly. Of course, seeing how illegals don't feel they should have to obey the law, why should they have to follow the same rules to obtain funding as lowly Americans?

We can expected Reimer has been cowed. And other conservatives on campus have presumably drawn the same lesson. And it's going to keep going on this way until right wing students are able to push back against illegals on Identitarian grounds, rather than hiding behind technicalities. But to do that, they will need backing from a Beltway Right which seems determined to keep young right wingers marginalized, unsupported, and afraid.

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