They Just Come Here To Bankrupt Hospitals
June 11, 2008, 05:27 PM
Print Friendly and PDF mainstay Brenda Walker recently wrote:
Among the most insufferable do-gooders are those in the healthcare profession, who believe their high social status enables them to redesignate their extreme liberal views as medical ethics.
That`s an apt characterization of these compassion mavens, who exercise their compassion as long as it`s on society`s dime. But occasionally, there are also honorable exceptions that prove Walker`s rule.

Thus, consider the testimony offered at an April hearing of the Florida House`s Committee on State Affairs by Carol Plato, Director of Corporate Business Services at the Martin [County] Memorial Medical Center in Stuart, FL. A video of Plato`s testimony was recently placed online at the Immigration Watchdog web site.

(The Naples Daily News covered the hearing, including a bit of Carol Plato`s testimony [Immigration debate heats up in the House by Michael Peltier, April 8, 2008], but the video linked above is much more striking. In the newspaper article, Plato`s full name is given as "Carol Plato Nicosia.")

In her information-packed three minutes, Plato did not mince words. Watch as she recounts her hospital`s experiences: The case of the $1.5-million Guatemalan illegal alien (since departed, but with a quarter-million dollars in legal fees as a chaser), the $1.5-million-and-counting Mexican illegal alien, and the six illegal aliens, initially admitted as emergency cases, who now return every three days for renal dialysis.

But Plato isn`t the type who wants credit for her and her hospital`s compassion while sticking the rest of us with the freight. Nope. In mentioning the Florida Hospital Association`s (FHA) estimate that their members incurred $100 million in uncompensated care for illegal aliens during 2007, Plato notes, "That affects all of us."

(See here for a 2003 FHA report on this subject. The 2002 costs were "only" $40 million. Because the report is about "uninsured non-citizens," it presumably includes both uninsured legal immigrants and illegal aliens in its figures.)

It seems to me what`s most significant here is that a medical professional has placed this set of potent facts on the public record and in a formal venue. Know folks who work in health care administration? Be sure they see this video! It might encourage other public displays of spine.