Watch Out , Prince William County, Bustamante is Coming
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Prince William County, Virginia enacted a law to deal with illegal immigration. Good for them. Be warned though, Prince William County, that you're about to have a visitor. According to a report by Jim Brown in One News Now, "U.N. to Investigate U.S. for Human Rights Violations":
A United Nations official intends to visit a Northern Virginia county this week to investigate its tough crackdown on illegal immigration.
So who is this United Nations official ? It's none other than Mexican Jorge Bustamante. Bustamante was influential in Mexico's changing its nationality law, with the express purpose of meddling in U.S. immigration law. (More on Mexican nationality/citizenship here). More recently, Bustamante has called for a Republican defeat in the 2008 election. In other words, Bustamante is a major Mexican meddler who would have already been tossed out of the country by a government that defended American sovereignty (as opposed, you know, to ours). And now Bustamante, with the authority of the United Nations, is going to inspect Prince William County like some kind of colonial governor.
The UN's special investigator on migrants' rights, Jorge Bustamante, plans to tour the cities of Manassas and Woodbridge to determine whether law enforcement measures in Prince William County violate the human rights of illegal aliens. Proponents of illegal immigration have been critical of the county's law requiring police officers to check the residency status of all local crime suspects.
But the chairman of the county board of supervisors knows what's really going on here:
Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, says Bustamante is seeking to embarrass the county and the U.S. "The United Nations has consistently turned a blind eye to regimes across the world that are not only engaged in human rights abuses but in genocide and actual killing of migrants and immigrants all across the globe," Stewart explains. "But here, what they've decided to do is spend some of their time beating up on the United States and localities here — Prince William County, in particular — for simply enforcing the law. And, frankly, I find that repugnant," he argues.
Stewart believes the UN is infuriated by the county's crackdown on illegal immigration because it is one of the most stringent and successful in the country. He notes that the crime rate, along with the English as a Second Language student population at the schools, has dropped. Stewart also notes that the waiting lines in the hospital emergency rooms are shorter, and the crackdown has improved the county's overall quality of life.
"And that's due to our crackdown on illegal immigration. They don't like that. They are hoping, of course, that other localities don't follow suit and use Prince William County as an example because it has been successful," Stewart contends.The success, Stewart believes, is because large numbers of illegal aliens are leaving.
Kudos to Stewart for sticking to his guns. And I hope he has a chance to personally say the same to arrogant Mexican meddler Jorge Bustamante when he comes calling.
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