Their Names Are Terry And Brenda Aultman: White Couple Had Their Throats Slit "Randomly" By A Black Male In Daytona Beach
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Earlier: A Reader Reports A White Married Couple Stabbed To Death In Daytona Beach...Allegedly By A Black Suspect

The first episode of The Walking Dead is perhaps the greatest achievement in the history of television. Our hero, Rick, comes upon a decaying zombie. His only goal at this point in the show is to find his family. But upon waking up in a world where the living dead are real, Rick encountered a former fellow human being who had been attacked by a horde of zombies and reanimated with only the torso, arms, and head remaining.

I’m sorry this happened to you,” Rick says, as he aims his .357 Colt Python and pulls the trigger at the remnants of human crawling upon the ground.

Those Who Can See… that was a term for people like us. We know the old America is dead and gone. We also know it’s our job—our one and only vocation and avocation—to survive what’s happening.

It’s why when you read stories of what happened to good people like Terry Aultman and Brenda Aultman, all you can say is… “I’m sorry this happened to you.”

There is no white privilege in a world where, in 2022, a white married couple whose throats were slit by a black male in a "random" attack plays second fiddle to yet another Emmett Till story.

Daytona Beach stabbing: Arrest made in horrific killing of married couple headed home,, March 11, 2022

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. —Daytona Beach police announced Thursday evening that an arrest was made in the horrific deaths of a married couple killed last weekend.

Officials say Jean Robert Macean, 32, was arrested Thursday at approximately 11 a.m. outside of a home on Pointe Vista Circle in Orlando where he lives.

Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young tweeted that Macean was taken into custody with the help of U.S. Marshals Service, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Orlando Police Department.

At a news conference Thursday night, Young said Macean arrived to Daytona Beach by bus on Saturday during Bike Week and left the area Sunday.

Police say Macean was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the killings of 48-year-old Terry Aultman and 55-year-old Brenda Aultman. Investigators say the victims were married and riding their bikes home from Main Street when they were attacked.

“Everyone can now breathe a sigh of relief,” Young said. “The suspect responsible for committing these heinous crimes is in custody.”

Young said there was evidence recovered related to the stabbings, but he said he could not go into detail.

“They didn’t deserve what happened to them,” Brenda’s daughter Sara Turner said through tears. “Get this monster off of the streets.”

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the stabbing deaths of the Aultmans, Young said. Police have not yet determined a motive.

“It is still a random, senseless act of violence that should have never occurred,” Young said. “This is just a reminder of the evil that exists in our society today.”

A bevy of tips and surveillance footage led investigators to believe Macean was responsible. Young described the investigation as “105 hours of a relentless pursuit.”

Young said Macean has a minimal criminal history mostly related to drugs. Records show he’s had one felony arrest and two misdemeanor arrests in the past, including drug charges from 2016 and 2019 that were dropped.

Macean was questioned by investigators with the fugitive unit at Orlando Police Headquarters. Young announced Friday that Macean confessed to the murders while speaking with investigators Thursday night.

He went before a judge Friday morning and was held on no bond.

Couple found dead

The victims were found Sunday morning in the 700 block of North Wild Olive Avenue with multiple stab wounds and lacerations.

Authorities confirmed the identity of the pair as 48-year-old Terry Aultman and 55-year-old Brenda Aultman.

The couple was found on the side of the road.

“We found two people possibly dead… there’s blood everywhere,” a 911 caller said.

The 911 callers stated they found the man lying face-down on his chest and the woman lying face-up on her back in a grassy area next to the sidewalk.

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Police say at first, they thought it was a hit and run, but then, saw that both had slashed throats.

Investigators say the victims were married and were riding their bikes home from Main Street when they were attacked.

Struggle to identify motive

Police were baffled by the crime, unable to determine a motive.

“This is probably one of the most vicious and gruesome incidents that I’ve witnessed in my 20 years,” Chief Jakari Young said. “We can’t rule out that this may be totally random, but if it is totally random, the person responsible has to be deranged.”

“We believe they were followed. Based on what we’re looking at, they were followed,” Young said.

Police say they do not think it was a robbery.

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Person of interest

The only information they have about the suspect, is that it’s a man, who was possibly wearing light-colored pants, and had a backpack. A video of a person of interest was released Tuesday.

“We obviously know that we are looking for a black male. He is very stocky. He’s in shape. We are trying to focus on tattoos,” Young said.

The chief said he doesn’t believe that person is from Daytona Beach, but recent surveillance footage leads them to believe he is still in the area.

The chief says he appears to be a loner and potential transient, an issue residents believe is causing many issues in recent years.

“We believe they were followed. Based on what we’re looking at, they were followed,” Young said.

The person of interest appears to have been on foot and stabbed the victims multiple times, even slicing their throats, prompting the question of whether the murderer appeared to have special training.

“We can only speculate. I really don’t like to speculate for something like this. They are a couple. They’re husband and wife. They love each other obviously. If one is getting attacked, the other is not going to run away,” Young said.

Evidence was taken from the scene including DNA from one victims’ fingernails.

Lives shattered by loss

Brenda Aultman’s daughter told WESH 2 she is horrified by this tragedy and said her mother was her best friend.

She said her mother and stepfather were the most beautiful, fun, loving couple.

Aultman’s daughter, Sara Turner, told WESH her whole family broke down and cried at the funeral home when they heard the accused killer was caught.

Jesse Dylan lives next door to the Aultman’s.

He said the couple had purchased their home six months ago and they were beyond happy.

“They walked to the beach every day. It was like their dream house. They bought bicycles. They just bought a jeep. They were loving it. They loved the neighborhood,” Dylan said. “He was a responsible guy. They even took bicycles because he was drinking. He left his car, left his motorcycle here. Left their car, left their truck here. It is a real shame what happened to them you know.”

Family members have created a fundraiser page to help pay for funerals and other costs.

“This is the most unbelievable situation, and the only way I can cope is by dissociating, so I can keep a clear, rational mental state to get through this the best I can. I feel like I’m outside of my body, witnessing everything from above. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers during this devastating time in all of our lives. Nothing will ever be the same again. We’re all broken and destroyed, inside and out. I pray to God they find the suspect, and justice is served for my beautiful parents. They were the last people on Earth to deserve this, and had so much life ahead of them,” a message on the fundraiser page reads.

A "random killing"…

We know what this means.

Terry Aultman and Brenda Aultman were riding their bikes when their throats were slit by a black male in a “random killing.”

We all live in a world like The Walking Dead, where the civilization we once knew is dead.

Were systemic inequality, implicit bias, and invidious discrimination real, the black male who executed a white married couple as they rode their bikes would be the number one story in America. Instead, we have publications lamenting the unbearable whiteness of biking (2017).

RIP Terry Aultman and Brenda Aultman… I’m sorry this happened to you.

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