Previously Deported Sex Offenders Won’t Stop Trying To Re-Enter The United States
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An oft unmentioned truth about the criminal illegals who land at the border and pretend to be “migrants” who need “asylum” is just what kind of human beings they are. (One man who did mention it: Donald Trump in 2015.)

Try  searching news releases at the website of U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the word “sex.”

Here is a sample of what returns:

The man arrested at Uvalde, Texas, arrested is a Mexican convicted of “aggravated sexual assault of a child in Galveston and sentenced to five years confinement. He was most recently removed from the United States in January” [Uvalde Agents Arrest Previously Deported Sex Offender,, March 25, 2022].

So immigration authorities got rid of this pervert two months ago only to catch him again last week.

On March 16, agents arrested a 36-year-old Mexican who raped a child in 2009. “He was sentenced to 12 months and one day imprisonment and was subsequently removed from the United States,” CBP reported [Border Patrol Arrests Multiple Criminal Migrants and Gang Members,, March 18, 2022].

Rearresting these previously deported rapists and molesters does not deter them from returning to the United States. Nor does a prison sentence. Besides that, Americans are not obliged to waste tax money to imprison these mulish perverts. That goes for previously deported murderers and gang members.

Biden’s current border policy is to let all illegal aliens through, presumably in the hope that many of them aren’t rapists.

We need to return to the goal of letting none of them through.

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