A Reader Reports A White Married Couple Stabbed To Death In Daytona Beach...Allegedly By A Black Suspect
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From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

Here's another murder, where the color of the person of interest is not mentioned, nor are the victims shown by CBS.

A married couple was found dead on the side of a road after being stabbed to death while riding their bicycles home, authorities in Florida said Monday. Daytona Beach Police said they were still searching for a suspect on Tuesday and released surveillance video showing a "person of interest."

Officials said the video shows a man walking along the street just after midnight Sunday. He is wearing a gray tank top, beige scarf, white pants, red gloves and a black cowboy hat. He is also seen wearing a backpack.

[Married couple stabbed to death while riding bicycles home in Florida, by Stephen Smith, March 8, 2022]

Turns out the victims were a white couple. And the person of interest black.

Seems every time race isn't mentioned, it's always white victims with  black person of interest.

The article did post a link to the police twitter page, so they did have the opportunity to show his pic in the article to help recruit more people to identify him, but they would rather act like they don't have a pic.

James Fulford writes:  Fox News has better pictures, and they actually identify the alleged perp as black. (They say Black, with reverential capitalization.) They don't identify the victims (Terry and Brenda Aultman) as white.

As I've been pointing out for years, the AP Stylebook says

Race: Identification by race is pertinent:
In biographical and announcement stories, particularly when they involve a feat or appointment that has not routinely been associated with members of a particular race.

I. e., the "first black" to do something good is relevant. The thousandth black to commit an armed robbery—or a double murder—is not.

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