The Word Immigrant Is Never Mentioned In Crime Stories: Killer Truck Driver Edition
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In a post below, Steve Sailer says that a recent negligent crash in Mexico "Sounds kind of like the fatal runaway truck crash by Marcos Costa in La Canada in 2009 that smashed up a bookstore near my son's school."

Marcos Costa killed two in a grossly negligent crash in 2009, and was sentenced to seven years and four months in prison.

You want to know if he was an immigrant? Don't expect the MSM to tell you, and don't expect them to say it even if they do tell you.

A story I found said that

Costa and his wife  live in a blue collar community outside Boston, with most family members living in their native country, Brazil.

Updated: Angeles Crest Truck Driver Accused of Murder Posts Bail
Posted by Donna Evans (Editor), March 10, 2011 at 09:43 pm

The same story said that he is

not a native English speaker

which is a safety concern with truck drivers.

What it does not say is "Marcos Costa is an immigrant from Brazil" or a "Brazilian immigrant."

Previous "Brazilian Immigrant" coverage:

Is giving a long-haul truck driving licence to a Brazilian immigrant a good idea? See Driving in Brazil, by Patricia Ribeiro for the answer.

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