The Word Immigrant Is Never Mentioned In Crime Stories: Killer Truck Driver Edition
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June 14, 2013, 04:31 PM
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In a post below, Steve Sailer says that a recent negligent crash in Mexico "Sounds kind of like the fatal runaway truck crash by Marcos Costa in La Canada in 2009 that smashed up a bookstore near my son`s school."

Marcos Costa killed two in a grossly negligent crash in 2009, and was sentenced to seven years and four months in prison.

You want to know if he was an immigrant? Don`t expect the MSM to tell you, and don`t expect them to say it even if they do tell you.

A story I found said that

Costa and his wife  live in a blue collar community outside Boston, with most family members living in their native country, Brazil.

Updated: Angeles Crest Truck Driver Accused of Murder Posts Bail
Posted by Donna Evans (Editor), March 10, 2011 at 09:43 pm

The same story said that he is

not a native English speaker

which is a safety concern with truck drivers.

What it does not say is "Marcos Costa is an immigrant from Brazil" or a "Brazilian immigrant."

Previous "Brazilian Immigrant" coverage:

Is giving a long-haul truck driving licence to a Brazilian immigrant a good idea? See Driving in Brazil, by Patricia Ribeiro for the answer.