Brazilian Immigrant Kidnaps American Teenager
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I recently blogged on how Massachusetts elites tend to portray Brazilian immigrants as "model minorities." One of these model Brazilians, 21 year old Willian Viera, recently kidnapped an American teenager he met online. Viera, a cashier at a Dunkin Donuts, told the girl that he was a former classmate of hers.

The two had agreed to meet and go to the mall. Instead, Viera drove her to a gas station to buy contraceptives and then told the girl that they were going to his friend's house. Due to his poor English, he apparently did not realize it when the teenager then called 911 from the car. She bailed out of the moving vehicle as Viera exited the highway. Luckily, she escaped with just an ankle sprain.

The local media has largely buried the immigrant dimension of this story. But that’s why we have

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