The Ted Cruz (Bush, Obama, Etc. ) Salute
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This picture of Ted Cruz speaking to the NRA convention is used to illustrate Jamelle Bouie's article on Slate, Can Republicans govern without a crisis?, January 5, 2015, with the caption "Sen. Ted Cruz played Pied Piper to House Republicans during the 2013 shutdown drama." The position of his arm is suggestive—I believe photographers deliberately choose pictures of Republican politicians looking like that. See The Beck-Obama Salute, and Beck, Perry, And Obama–Two Out Of Three Will Be Depicted As Fascists If Their Arm Goes About Horizontal.

Previous examples: The Onion on Glenn Beck—Nation Once Again Comes Under Sway Of Pink-Faced Half-Wit, September 13, 2010.

Glenn Beck as Neo-Fascist

Rick Perry waves to supporters with his left hand:


Memo To Rick Perry: Don’t Hold Your Arm Like That Especially at a podium with a microphone. I mean seriously. Don’t even let your arm do that for a second. Not even one second. By Jack Moore, Buzzfeed, August 15, 2011

And finally, the one guy who on the list who  can legitimately be accused of neo-Fascism, and of trying to rule America with a kind of "Fuhrerprinzip", as seen by his recent unconstitutional amnesty, among other actions—the current president, Barack Hussein Obama, receiving an honorary degree:


I believe Obama actually does this a lot—he spends a great deal of time on podiums waving to the faithful—but he's not followed around by photographers looking to catch him out.

Any one who allows his arm to rise above his shoulder in public can be photographed like this—the one exception is John McCain–during his time as a POW, he was injured so badly by North Vietnamese torturers that it’s physically impossible for him to raise his arm above the shoulder.

If you wish to see a genuinely sinister salute, try this one:

That is California Assemblyman Fabian Nunez (aka Fabian Núñez, Fabián Núñez, and Fabian Nuñez ) who is an American citizen, saluting the Mexican Flag in the Mexican manner, while listening to the national anthem of Mexico on a visit to Mexico City.

AP caption

"California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, left, salutes towards the flag while listening to the national anthem as he stands with Beatriz Paredes, who hopes to become the candidate for Mexico City Mayor under her party, the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, in Mexico City, Mexico on Friday Aug. 26, 2005."

See Brenda Walker's blog item here.  It's much more sinister because it's a real salute, a genuinely Fascistic foreign government, and because Nunez's career indicates  disloyalty to America.

But no one in the MSM cares about that.

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