Oh, Dios Mio! Jeb Bush Makes A Bilingual Announcement, Inaugurating A New Era Of Boredom In American Politics
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From NBC Latino, three hours ago:

Jeb Bush Uses English and Spanish in Step To Possible 2016 Run

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is making his march toward a potential 2016 presidential run a bilingual affair.

He announced in English and Spanish on Tuesday the launch of a new political action committee, or PAC that he dubbed "Right to Rise PAC. The PAC allows him to raise money, engage in political activities and support other political candidates, which Bush, a Republican, said would be those "that believe in conservative principles." But the money raised through the PAC can't be used to run for president. Bush announced last month he was 'actively' exploring a 2016 run.

Along with an English-language version, Bush posted the brief announcement on social media. It shows him speaking in Spanish while walking down a busy street in a video posted on social media. Bush speaks better Spanish than his brother, former President George W. Bush. Jeb Bush's wife is from Mexico and he has frequently used Spanish in speeches and in ads. Capturing a significant portion of the Latino vote is considered critical for winning the White House, as Latino voter numbers have grown and will continue to grow. The GOP's 2012 nominee, Mitt Romney won just 27 percent of Latino votes.[More, emphasis added]

And here's the tweet of his announcement:

It's true Jeb Bush, who has a Mexican wife, and a son (George P. Bush) who identifies as a Mexican-American, can actually speak Spanish fairly well. (George W.'s Spanish was awful.) But that's no excuse.

I've written about the dangers of this before—noting that  Marco Rubio gave the GOP response to the Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision partly in Spanish, and spoke in Spanish, briefly, at the Republican Convention, I asked

Does this mean the United States is turning into Mexico?

No, it’s worse—it means the United States is turning into Canada.

Canada has a lot of experience with bilingualism, all of it bad.

I’ve noted before that the ludicrous Canadian custom of making speeches in both languages—saying everything twice, once in English and once in the minority language—is coming to America.

Well, the Canadians have invented an even worse absurdity: the speaker alternates between languages, leaving large parts of the audience unsure what he’s saying.

So aside from the fact that in immigration, Jeb is planning to betray his country (Jeb Bush, Treason Lobbyist) and he really loves Hispanic immigrants (How Come Jeb Bush Can Talk About “Fertile” Immigrants And John Tanton Can’t?) and doesn't like Americans (John Derbyshire Concludes: Jeb Bush Just Doesn’t Like Americans Very Much) he's doing this horrible thing that will make listening to political speeches, already fiercely boring, totally incomprehensible as well.

And he's still not going to get Hispanic votes (because he's a Republican) while his Hispandering will drive actual white Republican voters away from the GOP.

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