The SPLC Gets A Lot Of MSM Ink Claiming "Close To 100" Murders For Hate Site—77 Of Which Were Committed By A Norwegian
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A typical example of MSM coverage of a recent SPLC report is this, posted on Business Insider:

More Than 100 Hate-Crime Murders Have Been Linked To This Single Website

Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian
Apr. 18, 2014, 9:18 AM 3,450

People charged with the murders of almost 100 people can be linked to a single far-right website, according to a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

The White Nationalist web forum says it promotes values of “the embattled white minority,” and its users include Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in a 2011 massacre in Norway, and Wade Michael Page, who shot and killed six people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin in 2012.

After a two-year investigation, the SPLC said (pdf) that since Stormfront became one of the first hate sites on the internet in 1995, its registered users have been disproportionately responsible for major killings. The report was released a month early after white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller, also known as Frazier Glenn Cross, was accused of killing three people at a Jewish center in Kansas City on Sunday.[More]

What the report actually says is

"In the past five years alone, Stormfront members have murdered close to 100 people. The SPLC’s research shows that Stormfront’s bias-related murder rate began to accelerate rapidly in early 2009, after Barack Obama became the nation’s first black president."

[White Homicide Worldwide, By Heidi Beirich (PDF)]

Note that the report says "close to 100 people", and the headline says "More Than 100 ". But in both cases, the only reason they can get anywhere near 100 murders is by putting the word "Worldwide" in their report and including Anders Breivik, who killed 77 white people in a foreign country.

Beirich is also quoted as saying

“The fact of the matter is that more people have been killed domestically by radical right extremists than Islamic extremists since 9/11 and where you find a lot of these people is on these sites,” said Beirich.

"Domestically", she says. I thought we were talking "Worldwide." A report titled "Black Homicide Worldwide", or "Islamic Homicide Worldwide" would have some big numbers.

Of course, reports like that aren't going to be produced, or if they are, the SPLC ($PLC to will complain if the media quotes them. And the low domestic number for Muslim "extremist" killings must be the result of calling most killings by Muslims (honor killings, Immigrant Mass Murders, and Sudden Jihad incidents) somehow "non-extremist."

In the case of Breivik, I got a letter from an English reader saying what  people like us think  about these murders:

 “This man seems to be a right-wing extremist, and I feel in some way sullied by that - that my opposition to immigration is somehow dragged in the mud by a man who thinks he is accomplishing something by killing nearly 100 young people. If anything is accomplished by this, it will be the opposite - that everyone who wants to keep the nation-state will fall under suspicion.“

It’s important to remember that Muslims don’t feel that way about Muslim terrorism, and neither the government nor the media try to make them feel that way.

It's also true that the SPLC doesn't feel that way about the terrorism they inspire, attacks like the Family Research Council shooter, or the anti-racist stormtroops who attacked a political meeting in Tinley Park with iron bars and baseball bats, or any of the genuine persecution  of conservatives that goes on regularly.

They don't feel any shame at all.

Update:  When they say close to a hundred people, it's actually 93, by my count. (There's no chart.) And some are purely domestic killings. See SPLC Body Count: Not A Hundred, Actually Under 16, Really More Like 9

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