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I have a couple of postings up elsewhere.

My weekly column at Taki’s Magazine is the “Quarterly Potpourri,” in which I just free-associate for a thousand words.  Bless the TakiMag editors for letting me do this.

With Peter Brimelow’s notion of “Hitler’s revenge” in mind, one ingredient of the potpourri is this:

Reviewing a book about eugenics for brought home to me again what a colossal influence on our intellectual culture were the Nazis.  What would our public conversation on human-nature topics—race, genetics, the Jews—be like if the Nazis had never existed?  Way different, for sure.

The alternative-history story premised on Germany having won WW2 has of course been worked to death.  (My favorite, and I think the earliest: The Sound of His Horn.)  I wonder if anyone has done a story based on Hitler & the Nazis having been wiped out by a communist bomb in 1925?  If not, someone should.

A kind reader has recommended Jerry Yulsman’s novel Elleander Morning, which I did not know of, but which is now on my Kindle waiting to be read.

Meanwhile, in the May print edition of The American Spectator I have a review of the book What Should We Be Worried About?  Real Scenarios That Keep Scientists Up at Night.

Since some of the scientists they posed the question to are astronomers, it seems to me they should be up at night …

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