The Real Motive Of Civil Rights Groups
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The ACLU is teaming up with the racist reconquista group LULAC to fight efforts by Matt Schultz, the Secretary of State, to purge and prosecute aliens who vote in Iowa. Schultz will be using various databases of aliens to cross reference with Iowa voting registration records. If a match appears, an investigation will be initiated.

However, the ACLU and LULAC don't want an investigation, much less a purge of alien voters.

SFGate August 8, 2012 by Ryan Foley, Associated Press

Groups Sue To Block Iowa Voter Purge, Fraud Rules

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Civil rights activists filed a lawsuit Wednesday seeking to block Iowa's Republican secretary of state from enacting rules to purge foreign nationals from Iowa's voter registration list and make it easier to file allegations of voter fraud.

The American Civil Liberties Union and the League of United Latin American Citizens accused Secretary of State Matt Schultz of abusing his power in a plot to disenfranchise Latinos and other voters ahead of the presidential election in Iowa, a key battleground state.

"To begin a purge of registered voters so close to the fall elections is unconscionable," said Joseph Enriquez Henry, state director of LULAC, a Latino and Hispanic civil rights and advocacy group.

Now there is no purge of voters, there is just a series of investigative steps and an appeal process for those who claim they really are citizens:

Schultz issued emergency rules on July 20 — without any public notice or input — giving his office authority to compare Iowa's list of 2.1 million registered voters against lists of foreign nationals living in Iowa obtained from unspecified state and federal agencies. The rules say any matches should be turned over to investigators to determine whether they are the same person and whether they are still non-U.S. citizens who should be ineligible to vote.

If they are thought to be ineligible voters, Schultz's office will send notice telling them they may be illegally registered, a class D felony, and should cancel their registrations immediately. They would be given 14 days to dispute the notice; if they fail to do so, Schultz's office would take steps to remove them from the list. The rules instruct local elections officials to challenge any absentee ballots filed by such voters and to send in their prior voting histories to Schultz's office.

The ACLU is curiously concerned about allegations from the public, apparently under the impression that is the problem, not the illegal voting by aliens.

Ben Stone, executive director of the ACLU, said the rules do not even specify which lists of foreign nationals would be used to remove voters, so there's no way to know whether they are accurate. He also said state law requires those making allegations of voter fraud to sign sworn statements, a requirement the emergency rules remove.

LULAC, of course, makes a baseless allegation of racism, which is more reflective of LULAC's and Henry's racism rather than the imagined racism of Schultz:

Henry, the LULAC official, said that he believed the purge would erroneously identify Latinos in Iowa, especially new citizens and those with last names similar to foreign nationals.

It should be readily apparent to Henry that a new citizen would have a freshly minted Form N-550, Certificate of Naturalization, if those "Latinos" were new citizens.

It is clear that the ACLU and LULAC are flagrantly lying to the public to futher their agenda of aliens illegally voting. Any person falsely flagged as an alien can immediately present documentary evidence of their citizenship. It is clear that the ACLU and LULAC are engaging in a conspiracy to violate laws prohibiting aliens from voting by their public interference and baseless lawsuits against enforcement action. They should be legally held accountable for their crimes.

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