"The Race" Threatens To Nix Its `09 Convention In Kansas City, MO
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Fresh from her "Wave of Hate" tirade in Miami, La Raza President Janet "The Mouth" Murguia brought her anarchist road show to the Midwest and spouted off about how increased enforcement of our immigration laws is intimidating and harassing illegal aliens. And it could cost the city famous for barbecuing anything that doesn't move about $15 million. Speaking to a standing room only crowd of about 35 people, Murguia whined:

"It’s a dark moment in our history,” Murgu?­a said. ”We are in real trouble. … This is not just a political debate anymore . . . It’s now getting personal, [President of National Council of La Raza warns of anti-immigration sentiment, by Joyce Tsai, Kansas City Star, Sept. 1, 2007]

What has The Mouth so agitated is the refusal of Mayor Mark Funkhouser to rescind his appointment of Frances Semler, who is a member of the "controversial" and "militant" Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, to the city's park board. That's right, folks. Semler, who is in her early 70s, in Murguia's opinion, is unfit to carry out her park board duties because she (Gasp!) is part of an organization that supports the goofy idea that our federal government is supposed to enforce its own immigration laws. Adding salt to Murguia's wounds is last week's directive from Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt that the Missouri Highway Patrol check the immigration status of anyone (Tsk! Tsk!) who is arrested and in some cases, only stopped. Whether The Race makes good on its threat to move its annual anti-American convention remains to be seen (it would cost $70,000 to back out of its agreement with the city), but stay tuned because, as you would expect, Murguria has friends in KC who already are breaking a sweat over the idea all those empty hotel rooms would give the city a black eye, you know, create the impression that the city is no longer an "immigrant friendly" community. Among those local principled politicians standing with Murguia is Kansas City Councilwoman Beth Gottstein:

”If you have to come back to make that announcement (that you’ve chosen not to have the convention in Kansas City), I will stand with you,” Gottstein said. ”We know we are right on this.”

Memo to Ms. Gottstein: I believe you need to explain to your constituents why they should feel comfortable living in a city that welcomes with open arms thousands of members of an organization calling itself The Race, which promotes disrespect for our immigration laws and sovereignty, and calls for the removal from office a woman who supports the rule of law.

Â?Qu?© da?

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