Calderon Slams U.S. Immigration Policy in State of the Union Address
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Mexico's President Felipe Calderon delivered his Informe (Mexican State of the Union Address) and felt compelled to do a little bashing of U.S. immigration policy, and was boisterously applauded by the audience for it .

I think if you read the president of Mexico's statement, like me, you will be further motivated to keep fighting the open borders lobby, of which the Mexican government is an important element.

Here's what Calderon had to say:

Finally, I have said that Mexico does not end at the border, that wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico. Therefore, the action of the [Mexican] government in favor of our fellow Mexican migrants will be guided by principles: the defense and protection of their rights, ...the detection of measures that can affect our people and the professionalism that we must offer to our fellow Mexicans.

Therefore, we are dedicating all of the resources earned in our consular network to the benefit of the Mexicans abroad.

In the name of the government of Mexico, I again protest energetically the unilateral measures taken by the the Congress and government of the United States that exacerbate the persecution and abusive treatment against Mexican workers without documents.

The insensitivity shown toward them, who contribute so much to the American economy and society, has been an incentive to redouble the struggle for the recognition of their enormous contribution to the economy of both nations and for the defense of their rights.

Therefore, the government of Mexico will continue to firmly insist, before the societies and governments of both countries, on the necessity of a comprehensive migratory reform and on the categorical rejection of the construction of a wall on our common border.

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