The Other Way Of Responding To A Hurricane
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The item about Tennessee's being "Flooded While White" below reminds me of this story. In Parliament Of Whores, P. J. O'Rourke describes an October 7, 1989 march against homelessness that he attended:
That morning as I was going out the door of my own housing—which is handsome, spacious and frankly underpriced due to the District of Columbia Housing Act of 1985, which in the name of keeping DC homes "affordable," instituted rent ceilings that have led to the destruction of rental stock in the less affluent sections of the city while providing a cost-of-living subsidy to rich, unfeeling conservatives like myself. But I digress. . . . As I was going out the door, my wife said, "Will there be lots of people from South Carolina at the housing march?"I said, "Huh?" "You know," she said, "where Hurricane Hugo just destroyed everybody's house." My wife, like many wives, is under the impression that mankind is as rational and pragmatic as wives are. I had to explain that there wouldn't be any people from South Carolina in the march demanding houses from the government because the people from South Carolina were too busy building houses for themselves.[AMONG THE COMPASSION FASCISTS The National March for Housing Now!, Page 187]
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