The Next Step Of The Administrative Amnesty: "Legitimizing" Illegal Labor
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The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty continues apace. The Regime has received no pushback from the Republicans in Congress, including after his unconstitutional appointment of the head of the consumer protection agency and several members of the National Labor Relations Board. The Republicans have acquiesced to the Regime's attack on the Constitution, whether it be Obama's failure to uphold his oath of office, the administrative repeal of Acts of Congress, or unconstitutional non-recess recess appointments.

Encountering no resistance, the Regime is proceeding apace with the Administrative Amnesty. It is no in talks with the State of Kansas Agriculture Secretary to authorize the widespread employment of illegal aliens. (h/t Stein Report)


The Daily Caller January 30, 2012 by David Martosko

Faced with a shortage of hired hands, Kansas ranchers and farmers are appealing to their state’s secretary of agriculture for a solution. And he says he has one: hiring illegal immigrants.
It’s an idea that’s unorthodox enough to turn heads but, practical enough to justify a series of meetings with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security — a meeting which Kansas Agriculture Secretary Dale Rodman told the Topeka Capital-Journal he has attended.

His goal is for the state government to organize a network of illegal immigrants and willing employers into a hiring network. No such arrangement, of course, can go forward without the federal government’s approval, since Washington, D.C. is tasked with enforcing immigration laws.

“I need a waiver,” Rodman said. “It would be good for Kansas agriculture.”

As talks continue off-and-on in Washington, D.C., state lawmakers in Topeka are expected to unveil their own legislative fix soon: A federal government-approved program that would allow businesses to hire illegal immigrants who have lived in Kansas for at least five years. Prospective workers with criminal records would be disqualified.


Unorthodox indeed. Positively illegal. There is no "waiver" of an Act of Congress available. One cannot hire illegal aliens. DHS cannot approve such a scheme, but DHS is negotiating with the State of Kansas to do just that. And the spineless Republicans in Congress and on the Presidential campaign trail are silent.

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