Canadian Journalist Michael Coren Explains Honor Killing
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The interview below is the most honesty about Islam I can recall seeing on Fox News. Sun TV host Michael Coren appeared on Monday to comment on the guilty verdict in the honor killing trial of an Afghan father, wife and son who murdered three daughters and a polygamous wife #2 for becoming too westernized.

Coren pointed out that the police and media are afraid to connect such crimes with Islam, and made the distinction that honor killings are not some sort of domestic violence. He called honor killing “intrinsic to Islam” and noted that the “vast majority occur within the context of the Muslim faith.” Furthermore, honor killings are not even a crime in many Muslim countries.

Also noteworthy, Coren described how Muslims are permitted to lie to infidels in order to protect Islam. What a religion. How much more Islamic diversity can the West stand?

(The AP report about the trial’s verdict is here.)

Coren’s own show In The Arena has welcomed politically incorrect guests like immigration critic Peter Brimelow and others you never see on American television.

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