The New Faces Of Day Labor, And A Short Veteran's Day Story
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The Las Vegas Sun published an article that is stirring a lot of interest. In addition to telling a Veteran's Day story this newsletter will explain why the article is mostly sensationalism

According to that article, the economy is so bad that U.S. citizens are joining illegal aliens at day labor centers in order to find some temporary work. It sounded fishy to me so I decided to ask an expert on the day labor centers in the Phoenix metro area. Nobody would know better than Buffalo Rick Galeener because he has spent many years observing day labor sites — and writing down license numbers of people who pick up the laborers. He has done vigils of the centers daily starting early in the morning and lasting nearly all day, and he has done it for months at a time.

To see a short video clip with Buffalo go here:

Buffalo told me that in all the years he has observed day labor centers he has only seen 2 or 3 white guys try to find work at them. In each case they were chased away by militant community organizers like Salvador Reza.

To see a short animated video clip of Salvador Reza go here.

So, based on Buffalo's information which I consider very reliable and credible, this article is mostly bunk. Of course there is always the possibility that the Phoenix economy is so much better than Las Vegas that white guys aren't yet desperate to resort to standing on street corners to look for work.

There are a few other things about the Las Vegas article that bug me besides the fact that most of it is probably not true. This brainless attack on Lou Dobbs does have one ounce of truth — if Americans do start showing up at day labor centers, expect conflict — and riots. The militant Hispanics that run the labor centers are racist and hostile and that will add up to a witches brew of trouble as these groups clash with each.

If the numbers of citizens among the day laborers in cities across the country continue to grow, it’s likely to increase the ire of followers of TV host Lou Dobbs and others who will see illegal immigrants as stealing food off the tables of the nation’s native-born or naturalized poor. Workers at all the sites said the presence of the americanos hasn’t made work scarcer or produced any conflict.[ The new faces of day labor U.S. citizens are joining immigrants in store parking lots By Timothy Pratt, November 2, 2009 ]
The following blooper is really funny if you stop to think about it. Buchanan, a white guy, couldn't get work at the day labor center — but he did get a sunburn. Eventually he got work, but only because his skin was probably dark enough to pass as a Mexican. He probably started wearing a straw hat and learned some Spanish also.
One July day, Buchanan gave it a try. At first, he got nothing but sunburn. But then he started to get work. Now he’s at the Home Depot six days most weeks.
This last one seems very racist, and explains why white guys probably shouldn't bother showing up at the day labor centers until their numbers are large enough to defend themselves. If you have any doubts about how the U.S. is becoming Balkanized, this should clue you in.
Workers at all the sites said the presence of the americanos hasn’t made work scarcer or produced any conflict. Some suggested that people hiring day laborers prefer Hispanics anyway, because of their reputation as hard workers.

Since it's Veteran's Day, let me diverge to tell all a little more about Buffalo Rick Galeener, who I consider to be a real life hero and patriot. Buffalo Rick is a Vietnam War Veteran that served the Navy on the USS Enterprise. They call themselves the "blue water navy" because our government arbitrarily decided not to treat them for health problems they suffered as a result of Agent Orange exposure. If you are wondering about how nationalized health care works, Buffalo could tell ya!

More about Buffalo's activism on the Agent Orange issue .

Galeener said his battle against the adverse heath effects of the toxin has been made difficult by a recently enacted policy that precludes veterans who were not in a combat zone when they were exposed to Agent Orange from receiving long-term heath care.

"If your boots never hit the ground, not only will you not be compensated for Agent Orange but they won’t even recognize you," Galeener said during a ceremony honoring the veterans. "They will treat your cancer and then they’ll cut you loose."

These war vets are denied a lot of other compensation benefits but this one is one of the toughest to swallow:
Because the Department of Defense has determined those wounded by Agent Orange do not qualify for The Purple Heart, the Order of Silver Rose is instead awarded to recognize the courage and heroism of veterans.
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